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Our custom shopping cart is highly customizable and scalable with the following features to create the best fit for you.

Tailored for Wine
Specifically customized for vineyards, wineries that produces and sells wines. 

Products & Categories
Categorize your products to make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for.
Packages can be put together using existing products.

Multilayered Discounts & Coupon Codes Management
Discounts for custom product weights.
Discounts for club members, wholesalers, distributors, or VIPs.
Coupon Code discounts.

Example: You can send a code like HAPPYHOLIDAYS to your mailing list for an online discount of 10% for the month of December. You can also assign special Gift Coupons (one-time use), similar to gift cards.

Inventory Management
Either hide the product, display Call for Price, or display as normal when products' stock is low.
Track your inventory from suppliers to customers.
Track inventory from your tasting room(s) and multiple warehouses.
Receive e-mail notifications for low stock levels.

Mulitple Warehouse Management
The system supports multiple warehouses including fulfillment centers.  The built in inventory movement/tracking function will not only let you rearrange your inventory whenever necessary, it will also keep a inventory movement history for your record.  

Club Membership & Customer Accounts
Secure customer log-in for updating account, shipping and/or payment details, viewing order status and/or history, etc.
Receive an e-mail notification when a customer updates his/her account details.

Orders Management
Manage your shop's orders from anywhere, and allow your customers to log-in to view his/her order history.

Shipping Management
Manage shipping rates for various states, categories, members, guests, products, product weights, etc.

Custom Tax Management
Create and manage custom tax rates for orders that meet certain criteria.

Real-time Washington State Destination-Based Tax Calculations
Automatically grab the current state and local tax rates for the destination of an order, so you don't have to setup manual tax rates for Washington state.

Intuitive shopping cart and checkout steps for new and return customers.
Guest checkout is an option.

Variety of Payment Gateways
Utilize one of the many third-party payment gateways, such as PayPal, Authorize.net, etc.
...and/or Manually Process credit/debit card payments.

Point of Sales (POS) - (optional)
The POS is part of the Open Door Cellar system.  It is built on the same inventory and shares the same customer lists.  All the registered customers including your wine club members will be accessible from the POS system.  You don't have to worry about syncing inventory from your tasting room and your online shopping cart any longer.  

Content Management System (CMS)
Our e-commerce solution is built on the Joomla! platform, so you can have your whole website in one easy to use system to maintain on your own, and also keeps a consistent look throughout your site, so your customers do not get confused.

Mailing List & E-Newsletter Blasting
Send your customers e-mails of special promotions.
View statistics for opened e-mails.

Reports and Compliances (optional)
State and Federal Tax Reports
Sales Reports
Invoice Reports
Mailing Label Generation

SEF/SEO Support
Know your site is Search Engine Friendly, and optimized for various well-known search engines.

Multi-Lingual Support
Support multiple different languages with the same shopping experience.

Multi-Currency Support
Support for numerous currencies, conversions, and fixed product rates per currency.